We handle electrical troubleshooting for all vehicles

There's a lot that can wrong with the electronic system inside of your vehicle. How do you know what issues require service? Trust us to run electrical diagnostic services to find out. We can run:

  • Check engine light diagnosis
  • General electrical diagnosis
  • U error code diagnosis
Our technicians have over 25 years of experience working with automotive electrical systems. Reach out to 980-710-3902 now to get electrical diagnostic services in Charlotte, NC.

Computer control systems have complicated the auto repair business over the past 30 years. To repair cars today, general shop equipment is not all that you need to diagnose and repair every car that comes through your door. Aftermarket scan tools such as handhelds and PC based interfaces do not always give you complete diagnosis or repair information. We use a multitude of factory and aftermarket information systems, scan tools, along with some of the aftermarket's best diagnostic tools such as eSCAN and other aftermarket scanners, digital storage oscilloscopes, DVOMs, thermal imaging devices and many other tools to troubleshoot problems with the most advanced vehicles on the road today.